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LAP–100(for Private Homes)

Size L-shaped 1500×1500mm
Counter Height 650~1100mm
Thrust up to 700N per column
Speed Level up to 38mm/s
Doors・Cabinets Sliced Veneers
Countertops Natural Stones
Artificial Marbles
Washbowls Ceramic

List of Features

What do the Symbols mean?

LAP–200(for Medical and Welfare Facilities)

Size I-shaped 1050mm
Counter Height 650~1100mm
Thrust up to 700N per column
Speed Level up to 38mm/s
Doors・Cabinets Melamine Laminated Sheets
Washbowls Artificial Marbles

List of Features

What do the Symbols mean?

List of Features

Electric Height-adjustable System
“LAP” has been developed as the next generation furniture series based on the concept of “close to you”, which equipped with an electric height-adjustable device.It is easy to adjust the height to make it suitable for each individual user.It assists your everyday life safely and comfortably.

Large Stroke Length
A full 450mm height range accommodates every need. It offers better working postures for children and adults, seated as well as standing.It also allows a user to ensure comfortable face washing and shampooing without stooping down.

Safety Motion(Anti-collision System)
If the built-in anti-collision sensor detects obstacles both when moving upwards and downwards, it stops immediately and will start to run in the opposite direction.This return drive is done automatically to avoid collision.

Moderate Speed
It does not keep you waiting long while adjusting the height by safe and moderate speed.You will have no stress.

Wireless Remote Control
You can operate from a distance.And also, it enables you to control while you assist someone.

Preset Function
It has memory to save your favorite positions.
The height adjustment is complete without all the hassle.

High-grade Natural Material
You can choose the high-grade natural materials to create your favorite space.Natural marbles and sliced veneers with high rarity value are in the options.They make the interior comfortable and attractive.

ECO Technology
It is designed to have an extremely low standby power consumption of maximum 0.1W.
It can help to save energy and reduce emissions of CO2.

Quiet Operation
The very low noise level ensures pleasant use when driving.
It is easy to be introduced into homes.

For health reasons and for the sake of the environment, “LAP” is PVC-free as standard.
We provide safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly products.

Optional Products


Size 300φ / 400φ / 500φ / 600φ / 700φ
LED Lights With / Without
Mirror Defogging Heater With / Without

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