Close to You – Next Generation WashstandStay Close to You – Next Generation Washstand

Lavatory is one of the most frequently used spaces in the house.We provide universally user-friendly washstands. “LAP” is a completely new, electrically height-adjustable washstand, which can suit the user’s stature and posture. Its design makes it safe and convenient for all ages and levels of ability - from children to the elderly including wheelchair users and people physically challenged.

We are specialists of custom-made furniture to meet the various needs of each customer. “LAP” is a product that we have consolidated what you might want to have or like to have in both of design and function. It is intended to not only wash your hands and face but also enjoy comfort and excellent design. You can choose high-grade natural materials such as sliced veneers which can be felt warmth and textures of a natural tree or natural marble countertops. They make the space appear more luxurious and fancier. “LAP” fits your lifestyle perfectly and improves convenience while ensuring good design.

Personalized flexibility and ideal comfort.
Meet the new standard for the future.

User-friendly Structure

“LAP” can be easily operated by remote control.
It is readily accessible to anyone. Young children or people physically challenged have the best opportunity to achieve greater independence in comfort.
The additional options such as preset buttons and wireless remote control can be selected to accommodate individualized needs.

Simple and Beautiful Design

We are proud of our meticulous design as specialists of custom-made furniture. We help you create your favorite space with various options.
Comfortable and stylish lavatory that tailored to your lifestyle can be offered.

Product Line-up as Usage

It has proved very popular with private homes as well as medical and welfare facilities.
For medical and welfare facilities, we place importance on reducing cost and enhancing usability.
For private homes, comfort and designability are emphasized. It can be enjoyed as a part of interior decoration with well-designed accessories.
We provide you pleasurable environment in any situations.